About myself


I'm Lysting Huang, work at of iBOXPAY. In the past I've graduated from Xiamen University, China.

My current academic interests include GSM/CDMA RIL design, mobile payment, mobile internet research.

I am also a web developer, a phper and a rubyer.

In spare time, I like reading book, surfing internet, watching movie, and take a reisurely walk outdoors.Travel in the name of running.

My Tech Blog is http://blog.lytsing.org (Write with Chinese).

My travel journal write on 简书 http://www.jianshu.com/u/9eb5d6fa6bd5

Basic Skill

  • Linux System Operator
  • Master Language: C/C++, Java, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Shell, Objective-C
  • Works on mobile platform: Android, iOS, Broncho, VIA CDMA, MTK, Spreadtrum
  • Security
  • System architecture

Contacting me

If you'd like to contact me about my projects or research, send me an E-mail at hlqing#gmail.com(# should be @).

Twitter: @lytsing

Weibo: @lytsing